A startup CFO will help you grow, scale and move towards a profitable future.

The decisions you make in the early stages of your business can make or break you. Let a startup CFO help you.

You need a great team behind you

Not every startup can afford a CFO, but your survival and success depends on critical decisions you make early on. We offer a flexible part-time model that is affordable and scalable as your startup grows. Here’s how a startup CFO can help you succeed.

Commercial and strategic advice

We’ve worked with the big players in Seattle and Silicon Valley, so we know how they operate and what best practice looks like for a tech startup. A part-time CFO helps you to create the strategy and commercial plan to achieve what you need, from confirming your next steps of growth to securing your next round of funding. It’s big business tech experience applied to innovative startups growing at a rapid pace.

Planning and metrics

A startup CFO works with you to build a solid financial, strategic and operational plan to align and guide your team. We’ll go through key metrics including lifetime value, cost per acquisition, non-paid to paid user conversion and cost per channel, to ultimately build a robust plan of attack.

Raising capital

Getting funding for your startup can be time-consuming and a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. A startup CFO will help you with the 4 stages: Hygiene & data room preparation, creating the financial model, narrative or pitch deck, then finding the right investors and negotiating deals. Our experience includes asset purchases and sales, equity capital raises of $10+ million and debt deals. We have a network of private investors, venture capital firms and debt financing contacts. We’re equipped to guide you and secure the best funding outcome for your startup.

How we work

A startup CFO is an expert who brings decades of commercial business experience to you without the tedious corporate approach. How we work together depends on your needs but here’s what you can expect.



We look at your business’ current state and what needs to be done to make it a star.



A robust plan is your key to success. Here we clarify your goals and create an achievable plan to reach them.



We help you stay focused on financial & operational performance to achieve success.



Ongoing strategic and commercial advice to improve your decision making and supercharge growth.

Case Study:

An Australian courier marketplace was growing users, couriers and revenue at an enviable rate. The board and founders wanted to accelerate growth but needed a strong strategic and financial plan to raise capital and scale. Find out how our CFO helped them grow 3 x in a year.

James developed a deep understanding of the Zoom2U business, his strategic acumen and ability to mine and interpret data helped me make critical decisions, that grew the business 3x in a year.
He developed crisp reporting shining a light on performance and helped us through a major funding round. I would recommend him to other startups looking to grow.

Steve Orenstein
CEO, Zoom2U

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