Build a strategy for success.

An outsourced CFO will help you grow revenue, increase profit and improve cashflow.

Do I need a part time CFO?
My business isn’t that big?

More than 60% of small businesses stop operating within the first three years of starting (Australian Bureau of Statistics). The reasons for this span from poor strategy, to inadequate cashflow and losses. We have a track record of improving businesses and growing startups. Ultimately, we’ll help you achieve your business goals with the following services.

Strategic planning

What is your business strategy and financial plan? We’ll bring your ideas to life by crafting a clear strategy to make the right decisions, based on the financial and commercial implications of each option.

Improve cashflow

Cashflow may not sound sexy, but we all know cash is king. An outsourced CFO identifies your financial position and works with you to meet your financial obligations with cash flow forecasting and real-time reporting.

Performance and KPIs

Are your staff performing? Do you have a performance culture? Start measuring the things that matter like operational and financial KPIs to drive performance and real-time optimisation for success.

Commercial advice

Growing through acquisition, exploring new business models, pricing structures… We help you make sound decisions with our decades of experience across industries incl. Banking, property, telco, technology, fintech, retail and more.

Budget and planning

Our part-time CFOs have created over 60 budgets for our clients. We align long-term strategy to fiscal year financial targets and operational goals. This is a proven method of improving performance.

Systems & reporting optimisation

Is your finance team reporting efficiently on sales and cash? We help you assess and implement the right cloud-based tools to improve reporting and commercial decision-making. Get the right information so you can focus on what’s important.

How we work

An outsourced CFO or part time CFO is an expert who brings decades of commercial business experience to you without the tedious corporate approach. How we work together depends on your needs but here’s what you can expect.



We look at your business’ current state and what needs to be done to make it a star.



A robust plan is your key to success. Here we clarify your goals and create an achievable plan to reach them.



We help you stay focused on financial & operational performance to achieve success.



Ongoing strategic and commercial advice to improve your decision making and supercharge growth.

Case Study:
Lime&Tonic Sydney

A Sydney-based e-commerce business specialising in unique experiences has been profitable for the last 5 years, but failed to reach the owner’s goals for revenue, market share and profit.

CFOs on Demand gave our business the firepower to think through the strategy and then follow through and execute… The result of this work was that we entered some new markets and now have multiple revenue streams, which has grown revenue and profit, and secured the future of our business.

Mansour Soltani
CEO, Lime&Tonic

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