Managing your finance function

We manage your finance function from end to end, driving efficiencies, saving you time and giving you insights into your businesses performance.

Governance and board

For businesses with boards and outside investors a CFO brings credibility to your business and can add value to key decisions that need to be made. They can also help manage compliance and company secretarial activities.

Monthly reporting and data deep dives

Working with our clients we establish a rhythm for when you discuss the performance of your business, how your tracking to your budget and any key strategic decisions that need to be made.

We look at multiple data sources across your business to give you a well-rounded analysis of your business’s performance. We deep dive into metrics to look for patterns

We keep you focused on your plan and give you a forum to discuss issues and work on growing your business.

Team oversight

We help manage internal accounting staff and provide guidance and a review function to ensure things are completed on time, are accurate and that processes are as efficient as possible.

We also work with other outsource providers such as tax agents, grant specialists, solicitors and other experts to align communication and oversee key compliance and legal work.

Case Study:
Total Synergy

Total Synergy is a software business looking to raise capital to fund its plan of aggressively expanding into new markets and continuing to develop its platform. The business needed some high level strategic and financial support to free up the founder and to drive focus and a commercial mindset in the team.

James has helped free me up to focus on growing the business domestically and internationally. I work with him on the businesses high level strategy and he takes care of the detail, creating financial models, budgets by departments and overseeing the finance operations of our business. He is a valued member of our team, he furthers our strategic and commercial capability and adds a lot of value.”

Scott Osborne
Founder /CEO, Total Synergy

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