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In depth articles for Australian business owners delving into the key issues and opportunities they face. This section includes a bunch of useful, actionable resources, all available for free!

Keeping your boat afloat - cashflow strategies and tips from the experts

Poor cash flow is the number one killer of small and medium businesses in Australia. Many businesses that face cash flow distress are solid, growing businesses, that are profitable on paper. With the right strategies and tools in place, cashflow issues are largely preventable. Find out how.

Tools & Templates

Free tools and templates to help you manage your business finances better.

Cash Forecast Template

A detailed template to help you manage your cash flow proactively.

Forecast your people costs, marketing, inventory, GST and PAYG liabilities, travel and office costs.

Forecast when you receive money from your customers.

Sales Forecast Template

A detailed template to help you project your sales numbers.

Sales forecasting is tricky; our template will give you a simple and clear structure to form a view on your sales. Our template includes sales targets so you can challenge and push your sales teams to perform better!

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